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Best wooden benches for the garden

Wooden benches are the traditional furniture for the garden. However, while shopping for this outdoor furniture, most buyers are concerned about the quality of the timber. Only good quality woods that are resistant to weather and decay are suitable for outdoor construction. You can select the appropriate wooden garden bench only if you are aware of the properties of different types of woods.

Types of wooden benches

In a garden furniture store, you will come across a variety of wooden benches. While wooden furniture regardless of the quality of wood can last for years when used indoors, for outdoor use, you need wooden products capable of withstanding water, heat, cold and pest attack for several years.


The best quality wooden benches are made out of teak. For centuries, teak has been considered the ideal timber for outdoor construction. The tight grain of teak is largely responsible for its strength and durability. Teak easily repeals water, a property that makes teak the appropriate material for constructing garden benches. They are least likely to swell or shrink when exposed to extreme weather conditions. With proper care, garden teak benches can last a lifetime. Although teak benches are among the most expensive wooden garden furniture, nonetheless, owing to their durability, teak garden benches are the preferred choice of most people shopping for garden benches.


Cedar is widely used for creating outdoor wooden furniture. Among the different types of cedars, plain cedar, western red cedar and northern white cedar are commonly used for making furniture. Cedar is an extremely strong wood, the ideal timber for outdoor constructions. It can withstand different weather conditions. With proper care, plain cedar benches can last for decades. Cedars are highly resistant to insect attack, a property that makes it the popular material for constructing garden furniture. They are less likely to decay even when exposed to rain. Although a softwood, the western red cedar is as strong as the other cedar species. It is available in different natural color shades, suitable for making a wide range of colorful wooden benches.


If you are looking for a wooden bench that is as good as the teak garden benches but less expensive than the teak furniture, consider buying a bench made from shorea. This hardwood is strong and durable. Just as teak, it is a hardwood with tight grains that can resist insect attack, natural decay and repels water.

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